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(premiere, march 2016)

We are born within a political model which seems fixed in a profound way -once the 20th century has been overtaken-. The ones, like us, that were born in the last years have not lived the rise and fall of the great socio-economic movements: Fascism, Comunismo. We are born, we grow, we reproduce and we will possibly die in the same political system. We are not living a period of upheaval. Once ideologies have fallen we can only question the government bodies, which at the same time have tied hands because the must do their job: govern. Economy sets the pace. How to knock down the solid pillars of a political model? Who builds them, and how?


  • idea

    Javier Hernando Herráez & Miguel Rojo

  • creation

    Javier Hernando Herráez, Miguel Rojo & Miguel Ruz Velasco

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