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Everything for the people

premiere, March 2016

How would your country be if you had the opportunity of creating it from zero? Would there be a government? Would the colour blue be the only permitted colour? Would we all be vegetarian? Would having children be only permitted on even years? Would we live on an island with no beaches? Everything for the people  is a piece to build a country together where we look more to fiction, poetry and contradictions than to everyday political discussions.


  • an idea by

    Javier Hernando Herráez & Miguel Rojo

  • creation

    Javier Hernando Herráez, Miguel Rojo & Miguel Ruz Velasco

  • a production of

    Los Bárbaros

  • in collaboration with

    Intermediae, La Casa Encendida & CA2M

  • photos

    Lukasz Michalak & Miguel Ruz

  • special thanks to

    Inés de la Iglesia, Toni de Paco, María Jerez, Pablo Martínez, María Eguizabal, Marta Leiva, Jacobo García, Begoña Hernández, Beatriz Navas, Rocío Bello, Borja López, Macarena Sanz & Michael Stubblefield

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