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The possible images

premiere, October 2016

Who are we? Are we what History books say we are? Are we the stories told around a bonfire? Are we our memories, small private stories that we lived and that our beloved ones lived?

The possible images tracks an invented character that is one but is all of us, that is Ourique, its past and its present, its streets, its energy, its spirit, its people. Augusto Madeira Mendes is built through the tales, the memories, the photos, the images that we gathered from the people of Ourique. It is also our experience in the village, our coexistence with its people, our walks through its streets, our listening to its stories. It is an attempt to tell ourselves where imagination, fiction, feelings come into play to tell what is not usually told.

  • an idea by

    Javier Hernando & Miguel Rojo

  • creatión

    Rocío Bello, Javier Hernando, Miguel Rojo & Miguel Ruz

  • a productión of

    Los Bárbaros

  • in collaboration with

    Atalaia Artes Performativas

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