premiere, November 2018

-What is it?- asked the Cardinal.

-The sheep- I answered –your sheep. So docile and used to feeding with temperance, are now, as they say, as voracious and wild that they devour even men, devastating fields and destroying houses and villages.

Utopia. Thomas More

A T L A N T I D A  is an archive of dissidences. Of people who imagined things a different way and carried them through. Anonymous people who mobilised their imagination and opened the field of possibility. But in imagination there’s also violence, failure and tyranny. Any utopia can transform into a nightmare and our duty is to believe again, if possible, and trust again. A T L A N T I D A  is a landscape of resistances, yes, but a combat of the human being too, between its force and its fragility, against the world.

  • a project by

    Los Bárbaros & Laura Liz Gil Echenique

  • creation

    Rocío Bello, Laura Liz Gil Echenique, Javier Hernando, Miguel Rojo, Irene Ruiz & Miguel Ruz

  • on stage

    Rocío Bello, Jesús Meneses & Irene Ruiz

  • assistance on stage

    Javier Cabrera

  • design and construction of the monster

    Cecilia Molanno & Antònia Camia

  • lights

    Miguel Ruz

  • sound

    Felipe Lara

  • executive producer

    Jorge Rúa

  • a production by

    Los Bárbaros

  • coproduction

    CIAV - Naves del Matadero in association with Siemens Foundation

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