(premiere, July 2022)

We decided to do Unfinished Play after reading Mount Analogue by René Daumal. The novel tells the story of Pierre Sogol, an extravagant character with wide scientific knowledge that gathers one day at his house a group of equally extravagant characters to prepare an expedition to a mysterious mountain that can’t be found in any map, convinced that the door into the invisible can be found. An unreachable mountain by ordinary human means that curves the spaces that surrounds it and creates a world around it. And, when the group of friends do a long journey on a boat – a boat that they name: The Impossible – and arrive to the island where the mountain is and they start the climb, René Daumal dies. Therefore, we know that the expedition arrived to the island where the mountain is and that the invisible mountain exists, but we don’t know if they reached the peak and how did the climb go. But Unfinished Play does not tell the story of the novel.

Plays have different ways of existing: the ones we are mostly drawn to are unfinished, they activate our imagination, they are vertical, strange and impossible. Unfinished Play is an attempt to do what we like.

  • idea

    Javier Hernando & Miguel Rojo

  • creation

    Jesús Barranco, Rocío Bello, Pilar Calvo, Javier Hernando, Miguel Rojo & Miguel Ruz

  • light design

    Miguel Ruz

  • light assistant

    María Otero

  • scenography

    Javier Hernando & Miguel Rojo

  • costume design

    Rocío Bello

  • sound design

    Pilar Calvo

  • on stage

    El Primo de Saint Tropez

  • production

    Los Bárbaros

  • coproduction

    Teatro de la Abadía

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