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(premiere, November 2021)

Paul Klee wrote that “art does not reproduce the visible but makes visible”. The first time we entered Azkuna Zentroa we were astonished by the space and the activity of its three buildings. In July 2021 we spent a week in Bilbao meeting all the workers of AZ. We spoke to its director, coordinators, service desk personnel, maintenance service personnel, Mediateka, the gym… we asked all of them were would the put their private home sofa in AZ and none of them was surprised by the question. They were ready to take their privacy to the Atrio, the rooftop terrace or the office windows and comfortably seat and look. There are many things going on at AZ, both programmed and unusual. In September we came back and were lucky enough to meet Loli and Asier, two blind users of the ONCE, whose story holds the hidden side of this piece. From A to Z is the result of our encounter with a space – and its activities – and with the users and workers that form and invisible and heterogenic community. What we are trying as Paul Klee would say is to make visible what already can be seen. Celebrate it.

  • idea & creation

    Javier Hernando & Miguel Rojo

  • design

    Colectivo Verbena

  • voice

    Rocío Bello

  • with the collaboration of

    Loli Mayor & Asier Figueroa

  • production

    Los Bárbaros

  • for

    Azkuna Zentroa

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