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Notes #1 | Everything for the people. Public choreographies

We are back to La Casa Encendida to continue our work on Everything for the people. Public choreographies. In September we began this Project at CA2M thanks to the Artists in Residence program. We are filling notebooks. Here we leave some of our notes on our small event machine. Badiou. And Everything for the people.

1. An event is something that makes a certain possibility that was invisible or even unthinkable appear.
1.1.         An event is a possibility ignored previously. It doesn’t build reality by itself. It is simply a proposal. Our proposal. Depending on how it is worked, thought, unfold for its inclusion in the world. This process is called for Badiou as “a procedure of truth”. An event creates a possibility but after, work is needed so the possibility become real, meaning that stage by stage it inscribes in the world.

2. Event: opens the means so the impossible can become possible.
2.1.         “Be realistic, demand the impossible”. Etcetera.
2.2.         Is the stage the place where anything is possible? If the stage is the place of fiction, is only in fiction where anything is possible? And what in reality? Where?
2.3.         How to think what hasn’t been thought yet?
2.4.         How to test what doesn’t exist yet?

3. Nowadays power says what is possible and what is impossible: they pretend to have the monopoly of possibilities. The State is the one who distributes the idea of the possible and of the impossible.
3.1.         Fight the idea of the State?
3.2.         Create a new State on the stage?

4. A political event is something that creates a possibility that escapes from the control of the possible applied by the dominant power. The event will transform into a possibility what was declared impossible. We must show that the possibilities system that the power offers is in the end, and regarding a series of points, inhuman.

5. The idea is what proposes the horizon of a new possibility.
5.1.         Where are the ideas? How are they built? Where do they come from?

6. The constitutive element is not the problem of the difference. The difference is what there is: People, nations, they are necessarily different.
6.1.         Zizek said in an interview: “I’m horrified with the condescending attitudes and the humiliation of the arriving process they are suffering. Our approach is Frank Capra style: that poor good people, you only have to hear their stories. We should change that universal concept that we are all humans, that bites in tolerance, for one of respect, accepting the differences, because following that false empathy towards refugees we should have also listened and understood Hitler”.

7. Badiou says: “Love is difference accepted as the only path”

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