Summer Evening

(premiere, November 2015)

A couple, a man, a woman, a painting, a painter, a writer. Who owns the story? Who decides? How did they get here? Every story hides an infinity of possible tales, all of them relevant and absurd at the same time. Summer Evening by Javier Vicedo Alós, Calderón Award 2014, uses as starting point the homonymous painting by Edward Hopper in which we can see a young couple chatting on the porch while night falls. From the open and enigmatic conversation of these two characters seven scenes emerge with their beginning as their only thing in common.

A piece against the idea of destiny and necessity, a piece with lives that break without making any noise. By stressing the contingency of any of the scenes you reach a no return point where you question the author of the scenes, the mediators of the scenes (the actors in this case). This is why Summer Evening is a pieces that enunciates itself in different scenic and narrative levels, levels that search the breakdown of meaning, a self-critic to the exercise. Summer Evening shoots right into the heart of our own story as individuals, how many lives fit in our own life without the Universe feeling the smallest alteration?

  • text

    Javier Vicedo Alós

  • creation

    Salvador Bosch, Sara Martín, José Pablo Polo, Miguel Ruz & Miguel Rojo

  • dramaturgic consulting

    Javier Hernando Herráez

*Summer Evening recieved in 2014 the Calderón Award for the best play given by the Ministry of Culture.

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