“Because darkness scares me like it does to all men”

    Extraordinary Darkness

    (september, 2011)


    Extraodinary Darkness is a production of Pirómano Teatro in residence with the Sala El Apeadero of Granada. The first fire for this production was The Blind of M. Maeterlinck. We entered its fundamental questions: what is darkness? What is light? Where are we nowadays and where are we heading? How do we find ourselves?

    Extraordinary darkness is also an investigation on darkness, most part of the play is performed in complete obscurity. It is a devised piece where the questions of The Blind are filtered through ourselves in order to present them to the audience.


    • creation and on stage

      Pirómano Teatro & Miguel Rojo

    • based on

      Los Ciegos de Maurice Maeterlinck

    • direction

      Miguel Rojo

    • on stage

      Paco Barcia, Elehna H Villalba, Borja López, Miguel Rodríguez & Nuria Vicent

    • texts

      A. Tarkovsky, P. Handke, M. Maeterlink & texts from the actors on stage

    • light and sound


    • poster

      Susana Aguilera

    • special thanks

      Marisleysis, Edén Ochoa Iniesta, Juan Antonio Cárdenas & Nacho Huelves

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