What's left

    (Premiere July 2015)

    What’s left is a scenic piece within a transversal project on identity, community and encounter through darkness, narration and fiction. The piece is built out of two concepts:

    1. In our image society, darkness is the place where we loose our borders, the limits that define us, what contains us, where we can really melt into the others, feel free and at the same time lost. We go deep into ourselves, we become aware of our bodies, our thoughts are heard louder. To turn off the lights is a political action, to work against the image, with words, for a shared imagination.

    2.The piece looks at how we tell our story, how to build a cosmogonic tale that tells the story of what we are nowadays and if this is possible. How to bring together the stories that define us as society? What’s left when there’s nothing left to hold yourself? What’s left when you turn off the lights? When you are alone? Is it the others? How do we meet and build something together? How do we build what we are?

    • idea

      Javier Hernando Herráez & Miguel Rojo

    *What’s Left recieved the collaborative residence Rough Mix, in Tramway, Glasgow, curated by Nicholas Bone de Magnetic North.

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