Three days. Forty people. 1000 euros.

Something's happening and I don't know what it is

(january, 2013)


"Recognize the existence of power relations and the need to transform them, while withdrawing from the delusion that we could free ourselves completely from power"
Chantal Mouffe

Something's happening and I don't know what it is is a piece divided in three days for one audience and 1000 euros. The participants travel through the days and insist on returning to the theatre, on meeting again. But there is a bone of contention: 1000 euros. What should we do with them? A first day of installation, a second day of representation and debate and a third day of encounter.

Something's happening and I don't know what it is looks into the politics of encounter. Is it possible to meet without establishing any power relationships? How to achieve a true encounter, between equals? Following the critic reflections of Nicolas Bourriaud on 'relational art' and of Nancy on the construction of identity through (with) the 'other' this piece springs forth. The protagonist is the audience who constructs himself in the instant moment, with the decisions each person makes.

  • creation and on stage

    Fernando Delgado, Marta Leiva, Miguel Ruz, Macarena Sanz, Miguel Rojo & the audience

  • idea

    Miguel Rojo

  • design

    Marta Leiva

  • light design

    Miguel Ruz

  • special thanks

    Gonzalo Azcona, Juan Pedro Enrile & Anna Lyubynetska

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