Instructions to amble through a country

(premiere, May 2017)

INSTRUCTIONS TO AMBLE THROUGH A COUNTRY is a walk within our project SPAIN. The piece is build through a set of instructions that the audience activates. All the audience starts together and in each crossroads is confronted with a question about the reality they are observing. Depending on the answer each person will take one street or another. Slowly they'll find themselves alone, sometimes they will cross other spectators, sometimes they'll go through places they have already been. The city, through the questions, becomes a theatrical piece and its inhabitants the actors. A choreography. A game for reflection, theatricality and imagination.

  • idea

    Javier Hernando & Miguel Rojo

  • creation

    Javier Hernando & Miguel Rojo

  • production

    Los Bárbaros

  • coproduction


  • investigation

    Teatralidades expandidas. Cuerpo y democracia de ARTEA y Museo Reina Sofía

  • photography

    La Ferretería

  • special thanks

    Rocío Bello

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