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I arrived at the Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Euroairport with a lot of waiting time before me. To be fair I thought it was just Basel’s airport so when I went out and everything looked like France I was confused. I searched for the car rental company and a girl told me to check in the Swiss side. She pointed to a small door. I crossed the border to the Swiss side. I went outside to smoke a cigarette. On my side, Swiss police cares, on the other, French police cars, no door or road to cross to the other side. After the cigarette I decided to go back to France to take a coffee following the strange logic that says that a French makes better coffee than a Swiss even if the distance between the coffee places is twenty metres. The door that had let me in didn’t let me go back, it was only a one direction door, so I started to walk around. Finally, in the second floor, I found a door without vigilance where I could cross from one side to the other. As I went by I remembered the news two months ago about the new Swiss immigration laws. I thought I could do something. So I started to cross the French-Swiss border once and twice and thrice… I crossed 188 times from Switzerland to France and 188 times from France to Switzerland. 376 times. Then my companion arrived and we left for our holidays.

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