Los Bárbaros

    Los Barbaros is a project where different artists from all disciplines collaborate and aspire to create a corpus of works that crosses boundaries and where a same question is treated from different perspectives and in different forms: theatre plays, performance, installation, books, photography. The work addresses concepts around identity, power and community, flows between the quotidian and simple through the unexpected and poetic, focusing in honesty and trying to create spaces for dialog and questioning.


    1. Los Bárbaros live in the borders.
    2. Los Bárbaros live fighting nonstop.
    3. Los Bárbaros aspire to conquer the centre.
    4. Los Bárbaros also dream of returning home.
    5. Los Bárbaros know that they will always be the others in History.
    6. Los Bárbaros prefer epic than lyric and dramatic.
    7. Los Bárbaros speak a strange but beautiful language.
    8. Los Bárbaros at the end of the battle drink, but when the night falls, cry.
    9. Los Bárbaros know the earth and its landforms.
    10. Los Bárbaros know that the war is long, that’s why they believe in the wild patience.

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